Balines H & N Barracuda 1,37g tin 200 pcs. 5.5mm

H&N Barracuda pellets 1.37g tin 200 pcs. 5.5mm

Balines H & N Barracuda FT 0.62g tin 400 pcs. 4.5mm.



CHARACTERISTICS: - Weight: 0.62 g. - Quantity: 400 pcs. - Ammunition: Balín. - Caliber: 4.5 mm. - Optimal distance: 50 m. H & N Barracuda FT: Competition ball optimized for Field Target and Hunter Field Target. The best results are obtained with precision air weapons with power of 16 j. Each production batch is qualified in our electronic test range of 50 m. After 5 shots, it must reach a maximum diameter of 12 mm (C-T-C), after 20 shots it must be 20 mm.